Production Process-Joybattery|Lithium battery|Electric bicycle battery|LiFePO4 battery|18650|26650|ER14250 battery|Heated battery|High rate battery


Production Process

 Cylindrical Battery                                                                                     Polymer Battery         
1.Batteries for a long period of charging and discharging test        1.High-speed mixing positive and negative paste material
2.Over-current, over-voltage, circuit safety  test                                     2.Coating Machine for Laboratory

3.High temperature security and stability test                                      3.Press positive and negative sheets till they become flat

4.Production of battery PCB circuit control board                                 4.Cut a roll of positive and negative sheet into smaller sheets

5.Sub-capacity cabinet battery category                                                 5.Cut the solder poles, pole pieces automatically     

6.Batteries internal resistance matching Category                             6.Separate the positive and negative plate with separator

7.Detection PCB circuit board                                                                  7.The formation of a separate anode and cathode

8.Batteries in series, install the bottom cover and circuit board       8.Vacuum Drying

9.Detection of semi-finished battery                                                       9.Capacity testing

10.Activate the battery and calibration capacity                                    10.Aging testing

11.Packing and sealing                                                                            11.Packing and sealing

12.Transport to all over the world                                                            12.Transport to all over the world
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