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Small lipo battery-021212 3.7V 10mAh battery
Small lipo battery-021212 3.7V 10mAh battery

1. No memory effect.
2. High energy density.
3. High operating voltage.
4. Safety characteristics are excellent.
5. Discharge temperature range of-20°C+60°C.
6. Charge/discharge cycle characteristics are excellent.

Model: 021212
No. Item Characteristics Remarks
1 Nominal Capacity Minimum: 10mAh
Typical: 11mAh
Fully charged @1C to 4.2V for 2.5 hrs, then discharge to 3.0V @ 0.2C.
2 Nominal Voltage 3。7V  
3 Charging Cut-off Voltage 4.2V  
4 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 3.0V  
5 Max. Charging Current 10mA(1C)  
6 Max。 Discharging Current 20mA(2C)  
7 Operating Temperature Charge      0-45°C
Discharge  -20-60°C
8 Storage Temperature -20-45°C for 1Month
 -20-35°C for 6Months
9 Dimension 2.0*12*12mm Maximum dimension
10 Weight 0。5g Approximate value

Ultra small lipo battery of this type from JOY has obviously advantages compared to traditional batteries, it can cover both features of rechargeable ability and small size.
Now,we have 020815 3.7V 10mAh, 021212 3.7V 10mAh,030910 3.7V 9mAh samll lipo battery.
Details of this small size lipo battery specifications please click here:
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